ADNOC Gas Processing

Habshan-5 Debottl enecking

Transportation of Gas

ADNOC Onshore will increase oil production to ~ 2.02 MMBOPD. Accordingly
Associated Gas production sent to ADNOC Gas Processing shall increase.

Timeline: Pipe production & coating Jan.– Feb. 2021

Pipe Grade/Size

  • API 5L X60MS 42” x 11.91 mm
  • API 5L X60MS 42” x 12.70 mm mother pipe for bending suitable for 5D bends 15O – 90O radius.
  • Total 18.7 km / 6,050 tons
  • Plate Mill: JFE Steel Corp., Japan

Pipe Grade/Size

  • Addendum to DGS-9510-001
  • CVN for pipe body, weld and FL & DWTT at -10O C
  • HIC to NACE TM0284 / SSCC to NACE TM017
  • Weldability Test
  • External 3LPE coating was outsourced to our group company NPCC in Abu Dhabi.
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